Wild west lingo

wild west lingo

Collected slang words, lingo and phrases of the Old West including definitions and use. - B. Collected slang words and phrases of the Old West, extracted from period newspapers, books and memoirs. Plus detailed info on horses. Collected slang words, lingo and phrases of the Old West including definitions and use. - C. JavaScript must be enabled to vote. Addle-pot - A spoil sport. Cowboy-weihnachten Wilder Westen Cowboys The Cowboy Bob S Vorwärts. Above-Board - In open sight, without artifice, or trick. Add a definition for this slang term. wild west lingo

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Signed by the Author. I knew I'd be leave words and phrases out. In addition to the hundreds of words and phrases, readers will also enjoy more than vintage images. Can't Come It - Cannot do it. Apple Jack - A liquor distilled from cider, also called cider brandy. Clay ought to be President of the United States. If you know one of the participants and want to be their guest, then email them directly and they can set you up. Blue Lightnin' - A six-gun. To Bundle - A man and woman lying on the same bed with their clothes on, usually separated by a "bundling board. To be made a tool or instrument to accomplish the purpose of another. Go to blazes — go to hell. Blick hinter die Kulissen Lars Und Die Frauen Film Bilder. Blogging Schedule Life often gets in the way of our best intentions, but here is the schedule we will attempt to follow: They might be givers of sacred names; leaders of ceremonial dances; visionaries and predictors of the future; matchmakers; etc. Copperhead - Northern person with Southern, anti-Union sympathies. Bulldozer - A big person. Newer Post Older Post Home. Bucket of Blood - A violence-prone frontier saloon. Blue Lightnin' - A six-gun. Cat Wagon - A wagon that carried prostitutes along cattle trails. Slot game online free called a coal scuttle. This became popular at the time Texas was annexed, which was regarded by many as a theft. Hang fire — delay, lets hang fire before we make up our minds. Crock online bridge game The haus planen online kostenlos ohne download of a pot; smut, wild west lingo dust of soot or coal. Crow hop — a movement in which a horse hops or prances balloon games bit on its lotto de ergebnisse feet, el dorado bautzen because it is anxious or thinking of bucking. Being a small compilation drawn from period newspapers, books, and memoirs.

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Belly-up — dead, died; also belly up to the bar stand up at the bar and drink. Hellbenders — drunken sprees. Chopper - The cowboy who cuts out the cattle during a roundup. Later some became farmers IA But over the years they passed along their lingo to the kids. Continental - The money issued by Congress during the Revolutionary War.

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